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Using a range of techniques we create visually impactful labels, whether it is due to the embellishments used or the substrate. We’re experts in what we do.

Across two Reflex Label Plus sites, we cater to brands from all industries, specialising in Beer, Wine and Spirits, Luxury Food and Drink, Health and Beauty and Pharmaceutical. We offer both Flexographic and Digital printing, both having their own unique advantages.

+ Flexographic

+ Flexographic

Flexo print uses flexible photopolymer printing plates to print high-resolution images on a variety of substrates. The plates are made of rubber, with raised lines to make up the label design, they sit on cylinders which rotate at a high speed transferring ink to the substrate as it runs through the press.

Flexo printing is highly accurate, delivering consistent results, it also allows for use of various materials and substrates, and different types of inks. It also works brilliantly when incorporating varnishes, foils and other finishes.

+ Digital

+ Digital

Digitally printed labels are perfect for brands that need labels printing on a short run, allowing for label adjustments as products change. Digital labels have quick-turnaround times with a high-quality finish.

Digital printing offers greater flexibility than traditional flexo processes, making it the perfect choice for variable data designs.
Digital printing is the perfect solution for premium brands looking for a shorter run, and save some costs, digital printing can include a range of finishes including foils and varnishes for a luxury look and feel.

Print Finishes

+ Hot & Cold Foiling
+ Tactile Finishes
+ Braille
+ Embossing & Debossing
+ Multi Page Peel & Read
+ Resealable labels
+ ‘No Label’ FInish
+ Unique materials & Substrates

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