Why Choose Reflex Label Plus?

We deliver breath-taking labels that support your stand-out goals in complex and busy product categories. We deliver tailor made label constructions to communicate effectively to your target audience and deliver complex solutions to support your environmental and food waste improvement goals.
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About Reflex Label Plus

Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.

Reflex Label + partners seamlessly with our brand partners, design communities and downstream manufacturing plants to deliver the theatre of packaging.

Excellent technical capability and capacity reflecting our commitment to capital and system investment, combined with world-class design and print talent from people who care deeply about what we do, results in label and packaging outcomes that support the delivery of our customers’ objectives.

One Solution Reflex Labels Plus

About The Reflex Group

We like to take our customers on a journey and are proud to offer a full end-to-end solution, from the creative concept through to printing labels and packaging. With over 25 sites both in the UK and internationally, our rapid company growth enables us to create magic, and we have experts on hand to assist you at every step.

Our Green Statement

Our mission is “to become the world’s most sustainable packaging company” and that’s why we’re wiping the slate clean. By 2030 we’ll have captured the entire volume of carbon emitted from the day the company was founded in 2002.

At Reflex, sustainability sits right at the heart of our operations and ethos. For us, offsetting carbon is not just the answer, but reducing carbon in the first instance, as part of our wider sustainable goals.

We support UK woodland creation in recognition of our whole operational carbon footprint.

This is what we’ve achieved so far:
50,255 trees planted, 22 hectares of new woodland, 8,778 tonnes captured, 2 woodlands created.

Reflex Labels Our Green Statement

Award Winning Quality

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UK Packaging Awards winner 2020
FlexoTech UV Flexo Winner
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